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Rates $250/hr./ 3 hr. minimum

Frequently Asked Questions

I never discourage anyone from hiring a band. A good wedding band - like the Outer Banks group The Crowd - brings a certain energy that can't necessarily be generated by recorded music played by a DJ. But quality disc jockeys have a wide range of sounds - usually 7,000 to 10,000 songs - the ability to read the audience to find the right groove and the skills to keep the party going. Professional, experienced DJs also can act as the MC, to do introductions, make announcements, etc.

Ask away, but to me it doesn't make any sense. Every reception or party is a custom job. So what I played at one function may not be what is appropriate for another. Brides and grooms would be much better served by getting referrals and asking for references.

Not really for what you get. Our fee typically is about two-to-four per cent of the total cost of the wedding.

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Music is a very personal experience. I can provide any genre for any event. Most weddings feature a mix of current and classic dance music. I will meet with you and your wedding planner to develop a play list for your event. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like. If you are looking for ideas I have included a list of the 200 most requested reception songs nationwide

I try to fit in with the guests. It's always at least dress pants, a pressed shirt and dress shoes.

That's where a quality, experienced DJ comes in. It's our job to be a filter and gauge what's appropriate for the majority of the guests.

A phone interview or face-to-face meeting is essential. I answer few questions by e-mail, and never take a job without talking to the bride and/or groom.

That's exactly the right situation for a disc jockey, who can play everything from Frank Sinatra to Norah Jones. I don't play the typical jazz/classical mix preferred by some DJs. It's instead a melodic but not overpowering set of songs by quality artists such as Frank, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Jack Johnson, Stevie Wonder, Michael Bublé, etc. The mix is lively but classy. You definitely won't feel like you're stuck in an elevator.

The good guys go in a hurry. A year out is probably about right.